Deborah’s Doggie Parlour offers a complete luxury pampering service for every dog that enters the salon to include a detangling and comb through, nail trim, ear pluck and clean, a bath with comforting massage, anal gland expression and clipping, trimming and styling as appropriate, based on your dog’s coat type. All dogs can be hand finished through scissoring or clipped based on the owner’s requirements.

The salon is a friendly and calming environment for your pet that will enable them to be stress free and relaxed for the duration of their treatment.

Bathe and dry

Your dog is placed in our purpose built bath for pets with an electric stepping block to assist larger dogs. Your dog will be bathed with the best shampoos available, all of which contain fruit extracts and nutrients to rejuvenate your dog’s natural shine. If appropriate for your breed, it will also receive a conditioning wash which will make their coat silky soft and help loosen and mats that they might have. This will also help prevent more mats occurring between grooms. If your pet needs to be bathed in a medicated shampoo prescribed by a Vet, please feel free to bring it with you and we will happily use it on your pet during their groom. If you feel your pet will need any of these treatments please mention it during your initial consultation. After receiving it’s bath, your pet will be towel dried to remove excess water before being dried with a specialised pet drier which goes below the topcoat to ensure the undercoat is fully dry. The dog will then be placed on the grooming table and fluff dried if required and brushed to remove any final mats or tangles.


Matting is usually caused by wetness in the coat from rain, wet ground/grass, swimming, friction from wearing a collar or can occur from any activity such as playing or walking. Our brushing service is open to all breeds. Deborah’s Doggie Parlour uses specialised Brushing equipment, conditioners and combs to restore your pets coat and keep it healthy. Regular brushing helps maintain the dogs coat between full grooms ensuring mats and tangles, don’t build up and also prevents dead hair from accumulating. Brushing is recommended every 1-3 months. If left unattended matting can cause skin irritation and discomfort possibly leading to infection.


If your dog is prone to frequent shedding you may find your home can become full of dead hair. Deborah’s Doggie Parlour offers a de-shedding service that not only gets rid of shedding hair but reduces future shedding by up to 90%. Using professional anti-shedding brushes, and available for both short and long haired dogs, this helps to bring out natural oils in the coat and promote healthy skin. This service can also reduce the amount of airborne elements that can cause allergic reactions in many people.  It is recommended that dogs receive this treatment every 1 – 3 months.

Hand Scissoring

Deborah is trained in hand scissoring, a skill that requires practice and a well trained eye and is the key to professional pet styling. Expert knowledge of coat types combined with scissoring allows the stylist to add balance grace and style to your pet. This service is usually requested by dog owners who do not want their pet’s hair to be cut too short or by owners who want something special in terms of their pet’s appearance such as gaining a show dog like appearance for your pet.

Styling and trimming

Deborah’s Doggie Parlour tailors your pets groom to breed standards or owner specific requirements using professional grooming techniques and expert hand scissoring skills for the more intricate stylised finishes. This, coupled with only the finest equipment, ensures that after visiting our salon – your pet will have never looked better! Generally clipping is the preferred method of grooming requested by the majority of pet owners as it is the quickest method. There is a huge variety of blades, all at various lengths requested by the owners with the finished style lasting longer. This can encourage a new healthier coat to grow or can ensure that you have an easily maintainable coat for your pet. Clipping is recommended every 3-4 months. Regular trimming helps keep your pets coat at a manageable length while adding shape and definition. A free consultation service is available to discuss any aspect of your pets groom.

Hand Stripping

Hand stripping is available for broken, wire and flat coated breeds. This method of grooming is required to maintain proper coat texture and colour. When properly carried out the difference between hand stripping and clipping can be exquisite. A comforting break for your pet is included with this service as it can be lengthy. The recommended time between hand stripping is 1½ – 2 months.

Nail and Paw Care

Professional Nail and Paw care is available and is important because if left unattended these areas can cause great discomfort to a dog. Clipping the fur between toes and pads minimises future tats and stops debris collecting between the toes. For most dogs leading an active lifestyle nail trimming and paw care is recommended every 6 to 8 weeks.

Ear Care

Our ear care service involves the gentle cleaning and trimming of the ears. Dogs with folded ears benefit most from ear care as the fold in the ear creates an ideal breeding ground for bacteria. Any excess ear hair is gently removed to help keep the ear dry and prevent build up of dirt, for dogs with heavy drooping ears the inside is clipped short and the outside is trimmed of bulky hair to achieve a lighter ear with better circulation.



Private Tuition (one to one) in Dog Grooming Techniques

Deborah’s Dog Grooming currently offers one to one tuition to those who have demonstrated a strong interest in becoming a professional dog groomer.